Preventing Product Launch Errors in the Hardware Industry

We were happy to see that the National Hardware Show dedicated an Industry Edge Special Report to new product launches. In the hardware industry we’ve helped great brands like Nest Labs, Kidde, Stanley and Broan-Nutone bring their new products to market, so we took note of how the author’s steps compare with our own agency’s approach to successful PR campaigns.

The Report provides hardware industry marketers top-line tips for product launch success, both on the way to market and once the product is on the shelf. For those who are looking for management help for their product launch, they can look into websites like to see how they can be beneficial for making it appealing to the intended audience.

We agree with the author’s “7 Steps to Prevent Product Launch Errors”, which are:

1. Avoid delays
2. Account for seasonal lead time
3. Don’t price yourself out of the market
4. Don’t short change your marketing
5. Make sure your packaging works
6. Sell a brand, not a product
7. Don’t forget a video

As PR practitioners specializing in helping clients launch new products, we would argue that step #4 and step #6 should be greatly emphasized if marketers are to take advantage of the critical launch window.

First, to the author’s point #4 that marketers “don’t short change your marketing”: we whole-heartedly agree! Investing in marketing can make the difference between a product that remains unknown and a product that flies off the shelves, even if both are innovative or unique. Think about it. How will anyone ever know about your great product if you don’t take the time to tell them? Therefore, to garner maximum reach for your products, you may want to reach out to companies like Victorious ( or similar ones of equal caliber who can combine the latest technological advances and deliver the results that you desire.

Also, taking advantage of trade shows is one important element in the marketing mix, we recommend that clients invest in broader marketing efforts at a variety of important touch points. These days, web sites, social media platforms and video can be just as powerful as traditional media placements like newspaper articles and TV news stories. It all depends on your target consumer and where/how they consume their media.

We’ll share our thoughts on step #6, “sell a brand, not a product”, in another blog post. In the meantime, please share an example of a product launch that stands out in your mind. Was it marketing that made you take note?

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