Getting to Know 3rd Coast PR – Our Interns

We love our interns here at 3rd Coast PR so today we wanted to highlight our two rockstar interns: Staci Vaughan and Melinda Lee.

Staci Vaughan
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What has been your favorite project here at 3rd Coast PR?
My favorite project has been the work I’ve done for our client Sleep Innovations. For this account, I help research content and assist with monitoring and interacting with the followers. Anything that gets me interacting in the digital space is for me! As well as the social media, I have loved channeling my creative side with graphic design work for different trade shows and events.

Why do you want to get into public relations?
There are many different aspects of public relations that enticed me into this field. Writing has always been one of my strongest skills and specifically writing for the digital space. I also knew that while I was not good with numbers, I was great at interpreting data to find potential trends or emerging markets. What brought me into public relations in comparison to another realm of marketing, is the concept of earning your media. My viewpoint in life is that nothing is ever guaranteed to a person, but rather they need to work for what they want. Having no guarantee of media coverage or placements, and working to earn that exposure, not only challenges me to work harder but to celebrate the work more. The other reason I joined public relations is slightly cheesy but ultimately, the driving force of why I chose this career. I am the type of person that inherently sees the “good” or potential in someone/something.

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?
Being a recent college graduate, my activities outside of work are still up in the air. In college, I was extremely involved in internships, work and also my sorority. Now that I’m no longer juggling two jobs and a full class load, I have more time than I know what to do with!
In my off time, you can find me testing new gluten-free recipes and products, working on my love/hate relationship with the stairmaster, and hanging out with my best friends. And since I’m not used to this much free time, I am designing/creating a blog that will hopefully be launched by the end of the summer!

Melinda Lee

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What has been your favorite project here at 3rd Coast PR?
My favorite project so far at 3rd Coast has been researching for a new client. I had to find similar companies to our new client to see how they present themselves on their website and social media, the language they use and the images of their products. I enjoyed finding and learning about companies that are working toward benefiting others’ lives and trying to make a difference in the world. Through my research, I was finding ways to help our client promote their products and message, which will in turn make a change in someone’s life. It was a nice realization knowing my work on the project for our client could in the future help benefit someone in need.​

Why do you want to get into public relations?
I became interested in public relations at the beginning of this school year. Through classes and presentations from my campus’ Public Relations Student Society of America chapter, I gained more insight into the field. I enjoy the aspect of persuading people to do a behavior or change a behavior. It is also intriguing and rewarding to know your actions can cause a positive impact.

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?
Outside of work, I enjoy sailing and taking photos. I have been a competitive sailor since I was ten years old. Throughout high school, I traveled and raced every weekend. Currently I compete on my university’s sailing team. For photography, I take pictures for my own fun as well as take professional photos for others.

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