The Importance of Seasonality in PR

Much like staying ahead of trending topics so we can insert our clients into positive conversations already happening in the media – the different seasons are important angles for us to leverage in our campaign and pitch efforts.

At 3rd Coast, we are constantly thinking of new avenues to get our clients noticed. One of the ways we do that is by leveraging seasonal trends, brainstorming creative angles and doing our research to see what consumers are buzzing about, including what will be “hot” the following season. From there, the key is early outreach when it comes to the press. Even before the kids are on spring break, some producers are already thinking about filling up summer segments and magazine editors are already thinking about Back to School!

Our strategic pitch efforts – whether that’s leveraging spring cleaning for O-Cedar or spring break for Lakeshore Learning – are what land our clients in top tier national outlets. We always say, “we have to give media a reason to cover.”

Here are 3C’s top three expert tips to promote your brand regardless of the season:

Predict Trends. This is where the research comes in. The 3C team does our homework to see what’s trending and what isn’t. We craft topic ideas based on emerging news and work with our media contacts to come up with a creative story that’s going to drive brand sales.

Think Outside the Box. This one can be tricky for traditional brands, but it’s those unique angles aligning with the season that get products noticed. Don’t be afraid to think big, even when your budget is small. Utilizing your current assets is key. For example, check out the fun “Nestie Awards” hosted by our awesome client Nest.

Leverage Video. We love to include video in pitches every opportunity we get. Even if that’s a short Instagram video to showcase a product – share it with our team! Media are just like us, they love a quick way to understand a product or service, and a short video is a great way to do that.

Reach out to our team at [email protected] if you need help getting your product or service noticed – we’ll find clever seasonal and trending ways to get consumers buzzing about your brand!

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