Betsi Schumacher

EVP & Managing Director

With over a dozen years of experience on the 3C team, Betsi knows what makes an effective communications program. Her passion is diving into our clients’ business to fully understand what will make our efforts successful in reaching their “bullseye” target audience. From new parents to pet parents to healthy living enthusiasts, she has seen how to leverage media and influencer buzz to efficiently drive product launch success.

After supporting brands you’ve definitely heard of (Quaker, Sargento, Thermos and Nest, to name a few) to those you definitely haven’t (just means you’re not the right target!), she knows how to build custom programs that will exceed business goals and get client management excited about the power of PR.

Although attending a NASCAR race ranks pretty high on her career highlights, the number one spot is still (literally) chasing down Giada DeLaurentis at a trade show to secure TODAY show coverage for a client. #worthit